Elite Travel Solutions
Our Technology


At Elite Travel Solutions we have a hands on philosophy and our Technology is no different. Our approach when managing your account is to look at your individual needs and ensure we use our technology to benefit you, thus giving you the freedom to go about your day to day business.

Customised Reporting

We can provide you with an array of reports which will be chosen to suit your specific company needs. A sample of these reports are shown below:

Reports used to monitor travel spend and help negotiate corporate rates with suppliers on your behalf.

These reports can also highlight any employees within the company who are not following company travel policy.

Our reports can help forecast future travel budgets.

We are also able to advise on the upcoming expiration of any passports, visas and corporate memberships before their expiration date.

In case of emergency we can locate your staff at any time, either by location or even flight number.

Management of all Electronic tickets

Including tickets on hold and credits with low cost carriers. This ensures maximum use of tickets. We can even tell you what tickets have been reissued and how many times.

Your security

We also take your data seriously, we use encrypted systems with maximum security and backup procedures to ensure that your data is kept safe.